Monday, September 29, 2008

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire?


The crime and folly of the court of Ravenna was expiated a third time by the calamities of Rome. The king of the Goths, who no longer dissembled his appetite for plunder and revenge, appeared in arms under the walls of the capital; and the trembling senate, without any hopes of relief, prepared by a desperate resistance to delay the ruin of their country. But they were unable to guard against the secret conspiracy of their slaves and domestics, who either from birth or interest were attached to the cause of the enemy. At the hour of midnight the Salarian gate was silently opened, and the inhabitants were awakened by the tremendous sound of the Gothic trumpet. Eleven hundred and sixty-three years after the foundation of Rome, the Imperial city, which had subdued and civilized so considerable a part of mankind, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.
- -
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by English Historian Edward Gibbon

In recent days it seems that many here on SOL 3 have been speaking of The Decline and Fall of the
American Empire. However as the nation state of the United States does not qualify as an empire this seems to be rather presumptuous and is perhaps the product of ignorance, malcontent or guilt ridden loquaciousness.

It does raise the question as to a long term geo-political powers potential descent from such power, is the collapse of the
United States imminent? As we have seen across the Multiverse Galactic Empires, Dominions, Unions, Federations, Alliances etc do collapse for many reasons. Even our own Sublime Hegemony is alert to the potential for conflict with the Teuto-Trans-Zenith Authority (of course the potential for collapse from within the Hegemony has been statistically proven to be highly unlikely).

SOL 3 historian
Michael Grant in his book The Fall of the Roman Empire has divided the demise of the Roman Empire into intriguing sections:

1) The Generals against the State
2) The People against the Army
3) The Poor against the State
4) The Rich against the State
5) The Middle Class against the State
6) The People against the Bureaucrats
7) The People against the Emperor
8) Ally against Ally
9) Race against Race
10) Drop-outs against Society
11) The State against Free Belief
12) Complacency against Self-Help
13) The Other World against This World
14) Some Religious Disunities (Catholic Against Orthodox)

I have found myself of late meditating upon these various possibilities. It seems comparisons between the
Roman Empire and the present day United States do hold some similar intriguing parameter delineations yet I would not with that surmise the collapse of the United States is imminent (of course one of the over arching geo political factors completely missing from Mr. Grant’s premise is the Super Factor of Gossip).

I am uncertain as to which factors most SOL 3 inhabitants would indicate as the prime movers in this situation.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Youth and Beauty


The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication.
- -
Greek Philosopher Aristotle: Ethics: The Nicomachean Ethics

It seems the persistent pursuit of youth and beauty absorbs many on SOL 3. Now beauty is understandable as throughout the multiverse this is one of the predominant quests and is considered by most to be one of the Prime Pellucid Axiom’s (#16) “Beauty is translucent to the nucleus of self swallow deeply its lucent water flowing to Beauty”. Can you imagine this kind of Beauty?

However youth is enormously unstable and vacillating as the above SOL 3 philosopher
Aristotle sagely indicated. Yet it must be said that youth on SOL 3 are remarkably robust beings as it seems that one must advance beyond to adulthood before they become sentient. I should also indicate the time it takes for youth to become self sufficient is alarming!

In addition it must be elucidated that youth is no guarantor of physically beauty,

The above art depicts the mythical (it seems) SOL 3
Fountain of Youth and it is testimony to this SOL 3 obsession. Notice that the old arrive at the left side of the pool, they enter the waters and when they exit they are youthful. Did you observe how all that enter the waters are female? Why is that?

After departing the pool they are once again given clothing and then it seems they attend a festive dinner party with dance, music and attentive males. Do you see the romantic couple at the bottom right corner snuggling behind the shrubbery?

What does this image-story teach us of SOL 3? Is it an insatiable desire to resemble “intoxication” and lack true self awareness, self sufficiency, responsibility and sentients? The pageantry of those who have been delivered thru these waters indicates the good things of life is one losing a mind back to the times of youth and creating an illusion that death is not on the hunt.

Therefore it seems that this obsessive seeking for youth is not primarily about youth itself but an attempt at eradication of the inevitable expiry that of succumbing to death.

Why this fixated concern about death and attempting to numb the mind as to its unstoppable hunting and slaying?

Physical youth is a condition that will be lost, it is inevitable and death is inescapable as it is a hunter that never wearies. Beauty however can exist at every age. Still for this to be true we must capture the essence of the meaning of beauty.

What is beauty?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coincidences and Harmonic Solution Pre-mastering

The inquietude I have recently experienced here on SOL 3 after contact with an interesting communication, tactile and artful device has been quite unexpected.

I have encountered a device named “books” that are formed of vegetable fibers composed of cellulose which are then compressed in a hydrogen bonding process. It really is quite disgusting when one thinks of it! In a sense it is rather like fondling your food. Yet when this process is complete these thin sheets of vegetable fibers are then printed upon with ink or dye and then bound together sequentially with delightful results!

For example I read a book called Beyond Coincidence which had the following true short story in it:

In June 2001, ten-year-old Laura Buxton of Burton in Staffordshire was at a party where she wrote her name and address on a luggage label, attached it to a helium balloon and released it into a clear blue sky.

The balloon floated 140 miles until finally coming to rest in the garden of another Laura Buxton, aged ten, in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Laura in Wiltshire immediately got in touch with Laura in Staffordshire and the girls have since become friends. They’ve discovered that not only do they both share the same name and are the same age, they are both fair-haired, and each owns a black Labrador, a guinea pig and rabbit.

Now you may not get that sort of thing happening on Jupiter. But Earth is clearly a very small place…
Balloons are a rubber inflatable contrivance, why anybody would participate in such a behavior I am not certain. It is certainly not the Enchantra Water Music Festival Celebratory Gala! Can you imagine? I was rapturously pleased at the mention of SOL 3 as a “small place” that is certainly putting it mildly! Honestly at times they seem to look upon SOL 3 as the center of the multiverse!

Needless to say (but I will anyways) this book on coincidences brought back memories of Thought Wars (philosophizing) back home at Azure 7!

Questions such as:

Is anything truly a coincidence?

Is there absolute randomness?

Is there a harmonic solution mastering everything?

If everything that happens is pre-mastered then how free or random are we able to be?

What roll should experiencing synchronistic events play in how sentient beings live their lives?

How many events need to be “synchronized” for us to accept there is a pattern such as that in the above video of what human sentients call the domino effect?

As a part of experiencing this book I gained access to a balloon of said type, placed my name “Eye Candy” on it along with my origins (Azure 7 Sublime Hegemony: Diaphanous Azure) and let it fly to the sky after 4.5 SOL 3 “days” I have yet to have been contacted by another “Eye Candy”.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Earth Decoded By Eye Candy


Greetings and salutations welcome to The Inter Galactic Trans Dimensional News (IGTDN) hyper-networked on SOL 3 (Earth) via Stealth Relay and locally on the SOL 3 Blogger system.

Recently when I was approached about possibly proceeding as a Pathfinder for SOL 3 I admit I was rather hesitant. I had no background in the SOL system and had only briefly passed thru its galactic arm once long ago.

Yet the sense of adventure, the possibility of exploring a biosphere of unique life forms has a certain delight similar to that when one walks the Gardens of JaQiNa 5.

The challenges are myriad as the most advanced species (it seems to be humans) on SOL 3 have still to transport themselves out of the system as they have not developed faster than light technology!

In many ways the life forms are diplomatically speaking “primitive” they do though hold much promise and entertainment value so I guarantee stories that will tantalize, titillate, entertain, educate and bemuse you. As a matter of fact I believe that SOL 3 could become the talk of the multiverse!

I will be investigating every aspect of life here on SOL 3, so if you diligently follow my stories you will be prepared for vacations here or possibly even stays of a longer term in preparation for future developments. My investigations will be enhanced as I will do the usual Timeline Thread Points (time travel to you locals) to interview key persons from their history and examine developments on the micro and macro scale according to the HarmZhant System.

I will also consider the ramifications of events in the surrounding Space Zones that may have implications on SOL 3.

I have not been here for long so much is new and engaging/disturbing to me however I have already had the opportunity to be involved in what they call a Reality TV show but more about that later.

I will do my best to increase communication with the interesting SOL 3 inhabitants and you may access their comments with each story I relay. They can be a queer bunch so be prepared for some bizarre concepts and quirky habits. Along the way perhaps I can also elucidate them as to life among us.

If you are curious as to my designation (name is the local description) of course as I am from Azure 7 Sublime Hegemony: Diaphanous Azure “Eye Candy” is certainly not my real name, can you imagine? When I first arrived on SOL 3 I was strolling along a location named Muscle Beach in Venice California United States of America (a city, state and what they call a nation) and several locals called me “eye candy” and tried what they called “hitting on me” I corrected their assumption but I have adopted the name to enhance the possibilities of my interactions with the humans.

One comment about form, I will be communicating in the local terminology as to measures etc so please keep your lingscan devices turned onto standard till you are prepared to learn my exact translations.

Other than that you can rely on me to decode SOL 3 for you (with some aid from the locals), I will provide insights, commentary and editorials and of course gossip!