Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cherry Blossom Samurai


A leisurely stroll among the delightful cherry blossoms in full bloom is a delight that should be on the must see list here on SOL 3 for any visitors from the Multiverse. I recommend visiting Japan in the 1860’s as I did.* I myself yes even I was then strolling through a magnificent panorama of pinkishness a color similar to that popular among the Cerulean Tussah Merchants veils** 16 Seasons ago (can you imagine?). I smile as I reminisce upon my first CTM veil so very perfect for flirting and gossiping!

I was luxuriating in the experience among these wondrous trees of pink when I heard in whispered masculine Japanese “I cannot see the blossoms as your beauty blinds the eyes.” Now certainly I have heard words similar to these on innumerable occasions but it still received my attention. I turned to see past the magically showering blossoms to behold what at first appeared to be an exotic drink attendant from the Enchantra Water Music Festival Celebratory Gala! Imagine my excitement at contemplating that perhaps one of those pursuing me may have ventured to follow me to this location in the hinterlands of the Multiverse.

However it was then that I realized that this was actually a local denizen in his own time period! He was what is referred to as a samurai, it was at this moment that I was thankful for recently applying Tantaliza Lustre Lip-paint.***

As the samurai walked towards me crushing the wonderfully delicate pink petals beneath his Bushidō stride I thought how charming he was in his armor holding his cute sword in his hand. He seemed ever so delicate among the sensual trees, quite intoxicating really! I almost used the stereotypical question “what are you a Cerulean Tussah merchant?” as the moment was so packed with drama, dreamy!

Soon after he complimented me upon my lustrous lips we began a delightful conversation about blossoms, gardens, tea and other such agreeable matters. We were both enchanted by the cherry blossom tree and its palace of petals, he preferred rather simple symbolic or even mystical gardens and although I admit that such a garden may have its charms I do prefer something with drama and scale such as JaQiNa 5 with its rather natural virgin garden on a global scale with lots of water, we were agreeable about tea although it seems that their tea ceremony is a rather quiet affair without a pool party or conversations concerning the Procreative Wars, Thought Wars, or Prime Pellucid Axiom’s!

I thought it imperative that I should then enlighten my samurai pink petal boy (well they were covering each of us like some sort of veil or such!) He seemed to like poetry but of course was unaware of the Multiverse so I shared some thoughts including Prime Pellucid Axiom #42 “The beauty of the eyes need travel no further than the beauty of the lips”. Well needless to say he then increased the romantic allusions with what he called a tanka:

Silver, or gold, or jewels?
How could they ever
Equal the greater treasure
That is a child? They can not.

Well it was all fine until he brought children into his intentions after all we had just met and I am no shroud-kiss (can you imagine?)! I was then suspicious that he was a proponent of the Procreative Wars but after further conversation it was clear he had mentioned such a thing as he thought I would find it desirable.

I have found this curious on SOL 3 and in need of some investigation. Some females of the dominant mammalian (land) species deliberately force themselves to wait in procreation past their healthy child birthing years then attempt a trapeze act of intervention methods to manufacture pregnancy. Some other females seem to jump at the opportunity to become an incubator.

There is even a current story being carried over the cute local SOL 3 news sources about a woman mysteriously named
Octo-Mom at first I presumed she was a supporter of Echelon Gender Continuity Theory. She has no masculine partner with six children and then went through medical treatment and delivered eight more children. Just so we are clear said female is of the superior land mammalian species (humans) and is not a K-9 (I should interject here that K-9’s love Tantaliza Lustre Lip-paint so you should have many opportunities to pet puppies if you wear it on SOL 3!)

Octo-Mom is apparently being offered a local currency of $1 million to “star” in what they call a “porno movie” (keep in mind that SOL 3 lacks Pleasure Threads). Many are now attempting to guess what a film of this nature would be named in these kinds of circumstances. Yes I understand that to those of us in the more advanced and sophisticated parts of the Multiverse find the concept of a pornographic film to be simply revoltingly boring but SOL 3 is a primitive cultural and ethical backwater.

However darlings I digress, I told my samurai suitor to concentrate more upon the jewels and not the children for now (imagine if I explained to him about Pleasure Threads!).

It was at that moment that several other samurai’s encircled us and began to attack us so I relieved my cherry blossom samurai of his sword and performed an improvised form of the Teuto-Trans-Zenith Dalliance Dance and thus disposed of the threat with red blood dripping from the blade upon the pink pathway.

I cleaned the blood off the blade before returning it to him (he seemed rather mystified which was endearing) then I took a “photograph” of my samurai, gave him a lingering kiss under the lovely cherry blossoms and then requested a Hyper-time-delineation transfer to the present from Pleasura Travel and that was when my adventures went awry! In upcoming articles I will expand upon my adventures with our dear sponsors through time and space over the past several months.

*SOL 3 NEWS and Award Winning Eye Candy Exclusively Time and Dimension Travel with PLEASURA TRAVEL!

** Award Winning Eye Candy exclusively wears veils by CERULEAN TUSSAH MERCHANTS

***Award Winning Eye Candy Exclusively Wears TANTALIZA LUSTRE LIP-PAINT (the lip-paint bar that makes you feel like you are at the bar no matter where you are!

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astrogalaxy said...

Eye Candy,
As I was reading, I too felt like I've travel back time to 1860. This is great! I was always telling my friends that if I have a time machine, I would definetly use it to travel to different eras of time. Most of them thought I was weird! Basically, they were all worried that if they travel through time, they might not be able to come back to their present time...
Also, not forgetting how you included the Octo-Mom, it is so well blended into the post!
Cheers and I am looking forward to reading your new coming posts!

Looney said...

And I had thought you were laying around a beach in Hawaii, sipping Martinis, and neglecting your reporting duties. How wrong I was!

Having experienced two cherry blossom seasons in Japan, they are certainly a treat, although the number of people gawking at the trees these days is comparable to the number of flowers on the tree, and a turn of the head will usually direct your attention towards the concrete jungle. I must say it is fascinating to think that you could just go back in time and see what it was like in a different era.

Any particular reason for choosing 1860? This was near the end of an era for the Samurai, being after the arrival of the Black Ships and before the Boshin War that would leave them marginalized and unemployed. Much of the Samurai class was anxious about the future and the changes that were happening - a bit like Americans today.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good to hear from you, Eye Candy!

Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Astrogalaxy~

Wonderful to have your assistance at decoding darling….

It sounds like you experienced a cascade effect from my time inflation paradox; rather like a whirlpool effect I am told however I am certainly not a Scriontalabat engineer! Can you imagine? You would not believe how it has effected the past few months for me, my hair was for a moment even…disheveled (perhaps I need a new sponsor for my hair).

Darling time travel is weird but also exceedingly joyous…as long as the Sponsor gets the Timeline Thread Points accurate.

One aspect you may find of interest is that it is illegal and it seems so far impossible to actually travel further into the future than the time period you originate from. Thus I may travel back in time and forward but never into the future. I may only come back to my “natural time” never beyond. We may then know the past and present but only Artificial Intelligence ForeProjectors or to a greater extent the Designer of Harmonic Solution Pre-mastering can clearly project the future to any true extent. We simply wade at the shallow end of the party pool.

A mom with eight arms would be able to multitask quite wonderfully! Can you imagine?

Astro darling (I may call you Astro?), thank you so much for your support you certainly are a discerning sort with clever and kind words.

Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Looney~

Loonicus one, life has not been a glass of martinis while I have been on assignment across the Mutiverse and various time delineations! Blood here blood there, however I will be posting some interviews with various historical persons you may find of interest, very different in person you know? And then there are some Multiverse celebrities and undercover agents I spread gossip about! It will be an enchantment darling!

Cherry blossom season in Japan is a delirious delight. I have actually planned part of my present time sector here and now over the coming months to be at various cherry blossom prime locations around the world. You may observe some of these locations with this link:

An astute traveler such as yourself is aware of the concrete jungle adorned with the pink petals! I must examine this more closely, the natural and the “human” in conjunction, often it seems the former suffers at the hand of the latter.

Loonicus always a keen observer, originally my intention was to travel to the 1100-1300 but at the time I left the 1860’s was a small step towards the start of the 1800’s which is an era of keen interest for me and much of our off SOL 3 audience. However my adventures went much further into the past! Can you imagine? You will not believe who I spoke with, dear I say first time on the Hyper-Network! I will warn you concerning this that we will be making quite the splash on the Hyper-Network Score!

One of the more interesting part of interacting with samurai at that period of time was their inevitable transition to virtual none existence. I find transitions to be of keen interest and this was a prime transition point for the samurai. Darling your point on the samurai and present day America is well met, do harbingers breath life or ring the bell that tolls? Would you surmise the Black Ships of America?

Darling thank you for your decoding of SOL 3 the Multiverse is most interested.

Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Jean-Luc~

Darling it is truly wonderful to see you here, thank you for I believe you call it “beaming over”! As always looking dashing in your uniform!

You shall hear more from me here and at your place darling. I am still trying to get these cherry blossoms out of my hair! Perhaps I shall just keep them there. Can you imagine? I can just visualize them decorating your noble dome, charming, indeed.

Cheerio darling.

Max said...

Hey EC!!

We have missed your, girl! Where have you been?

"I smile as I reminisce upon my first CTM veil so very perfect for flirting and gossiping!" - LOL LOL LOL flirting and gossiping, eh?

'“I cannot see the blossoms as your beauty blinds the eyes." ' - that is what I call a corny line! are the same all over the world. It is as if they were all made from the same mould *nodding*.

"However it was then that I realized that this was actually a local denizen in his own time period!" - ROFL...ROFL...

"Lip-paint.***" - darling, here we call it Lipstick! It is sexier...wouldn't you think?

"Some other females seem to jump at the opportunity to become an incubator." - LOL I like the way in which you put things!

Octo-Mom...that was one unusual story, wasn't it? What went through her mind, I wonder? From what I have heard, she has no husband, she has no home of her own, she is not wealthy, she was already a mother of, is it ethical?

LOL LOL "and is not a K-9" LOL LOL....very good.

Thank God she refused to participate in that ghastly movie.

I just loved this article, are great!! :D

Cheers, darling!

Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Max~

It is agreeable to converse with you. As my SOL 3 NEWS post indicates I have been doing as bit of walking through time (and more) darling.

Flirting and gossiping is a prime request when wearing a CTM veil!

If I had a Tragnorian egg for every time a man has told me “I cannot see the blossoms as your beauty blinds the eyes." I could make the most scrumptious omelette!

Darling be careful not to get any carpet burn while as you say “ROFL...ROFL...”

Lip stick? It seems to be rather limited here is the decoded definition of “Lustre lip-paint bar: In actuality an all in one make up system primarily used by stylish females.” You can use it everywhere darling! You can even use it to make yourself look like some Hollywood alien!

“LOL I like the way in which you put things!” Now where did I put my Lustre lip-paint bar?

”Octo-Mom...that was one unusual story, wasn't it? What went through her mind, I wonder? From what I have heard, she has no husband, she has no home of her own, she is not wealthy, she was already a mother of, is it ethical?”

I am quite suspicious of the entire situation as it is very similar to the “Procreative Wars: The continual struggle across the Multiverse to over run other racial, cultural, governmental, economical, and philosophical delineations by sheer numbers of populous within a constituency. Also known as DNA proliferation.”

“LOL LOL "and is not a K-9" LOL LOL....very good.” Perhaps she is a K-8 or another K?

Joyous talking to you darling!

astrogalaxy said...

Quote above : "One aspect you may find of interest is that it is illegal and it seems so far impossible to actually travel further into the future than the time period you originate from. Thus I may travel back in time and forward but never into the future."

How right you were! this really caught my interest. I used to imagine a time machine would be able to go back and also into the future...
What if a person from the future come to our time, can he/she bring us into the future then?
Yes, you can call me Astro! Thanks!
Meantime, take care and hope your hair is already in order now!

astrogalaxy said...

Hi eye candy,
It's me again...heehee...
I've nominated and voted for you at the blogger's choice award website for Best blog of all time!

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Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Astro darling~
I have just returned to SOL 3 from the Enchantra Water Music Festival Gala! It was delightful and I of course was stunning. The stories I could tell you! Well actually I will soon be posting such stories! Hang on to your Galaxy Astro Boy!
Now I must say that although I have of course received countless awards (such as the Sublime Hegemony TheoPhilo Award for Journalistic Excellence) I am particularly tickled at this nomination! Thank you I am off to view Star Trek for an upcoming article. As I have never been to a “movie theater” it should provoke some adventure.

Eye Candy said...

~Greetings and Salutations Collegegirl~

You are clearly an intelligent and insightful college girl to have made such an accurate assessment of SOL 3 News. Certainly I would be delighted to visit your blog darling. I am currently picking the Champaign to bring with me.