Friday, November 6, 2009

The Reimagined V TV Show Video: Reptiles and Lizards oh my! V for Chickens! Stiletto Heels and Aliens!

SOL 3 never ceases to plunder the improbable as once again they succumb to silliness with yet another alien entertainment television show (translation: television is also known as TV or “the idiot box,” actually it is a cute little medium for entertainment rather like the progressive visual anthology mirrors of Bindoor 10). I should add here that an “alien” in this context is…well…me…and you…any persons alien to SOL 3 which of course includes all persons of the Sublime Hegemony.

The show apparently a “reimagined” or remade TV program creatively named V (not the Roman numeral “V” but the capitalized version of the letter “v” in the English language) is about space aliens “Visitors” that visit SOL 3. These aliens are much more developed technologically than SOL 3 (is this not true of everybody darling?)

These “aliens” have an appearance of the SOL 3 dominant species “humans” however they are actually a reptile species! Here we go again; next they will try to tell us that the Stiletto Heel Confederacy Premier on Diaphanous Cerulean 6 is a frog! Reptiles and lizards oh my! V for vexation darlings, sentient slithering scaly creatures traveling through space, can you imagine?

Have you ever seen a lizard at the Enchantra Water Music Festival Celebratory Gala? No of course not, we dine upon Tragnorian eggs after all, reptile eggs! For these silly SOL 3ites to suggest space traveling intelligent lizards would be like us creating such a program with intelligent space traveling chickens! Can you imagine the drama in that? Boldly going where no fowl has gone before! Indeed! This being said the lead lizard alien lady of the program looks like in her former years she could have attained the progressive school of shroud-kiss luster lip-paint bar replenishment.

Astonishingly I could wear a chicken costume in most major cities on SOL 3 and probably not garnish a significant reaction. Let me test this right now *investigative research ensues with chicken costume in 17 major SOL 3 cities* Now that was exhausting darlings, but I am as you know thorough in my research.

I found that I was invited out for dinner 8 times (a bit low for me to be sure), I was asked to migrate 2 times by local police (silly authority figures, chickens cannot fly and walking is a slow migration for a bird), 3 times I was given candy (can you imagine me Eye Candy?!), 3 times while in the SOL 3 city of Las Vegas I was asked if I was from the “Chicken Ranch”, and once I was asked if I was a space or transdimensional traveler! Expectations are low here on SOL 3.