Thursday, May 14, 2009

Star Trek Movie 2009 a Video, Movie Adventure and Movie Review

Being still relatively new to SOL 3 I had never been to what they call a “movie”. The group I went to the movie Star Trek with when learning of my lack of experience then started a chant as we purchased our documents (called “tickets”) they chanted “virgin Eye Candy”. I can only imagine what they would chant if they could pronounce my real name!

After acquiring the proper documents to enter the movie we instead coordinated an attack upon another booth (this is called “lining up”) to find more food to consume (we had already consumed massive amounts of food and beverages proceeding this occasion). However as I researched “going to the movies” prior this event I was already prepared! SOL 3 is fond of eating nebulas worth of what they call “popcorn” while going to a movie. During my research I discovered beverages called “pop” a bubbly (carbonated) sugar saturated beverage (bubbly sugar water). I also ascertained information on “corn” a kind of cereal plant sold in what is called “ears” (can you imagine? You can’t make this kind of thing up!)

Anyways, in an attempt to better understand SOL 3 inhabitants I purchased a glass of pop and placed my earlier purchase of an “ear of corn” in the glass with the bubbly sugar water. It was a peculiar beverage that certainly attracted much attention from others (something I am rather familiar with). It was a peculiar cocktail which would have been enhanced with another flavor of luster lip-bar (see right sidebar), however I digress.

We found our seats in the theater which was crowded by many persons. The stranger I sat beside greeted me by saying “live long and prosper.” I am uncertain if this was an insight as to my present condition or a proposed desirable outcome.

The lights dimmed as I sipped my popcorn beverage and the presentation began. Advertisements for many undesirable forms of humor or entertainment were offered followed by the “main attraction”.

Star Trek is from the entertainment genera named science fiction. Really rather silly attempts to project feasible concepts and characters into future situations with more advanced technology, and even cognitively identity aware intelligent alien species! Can you imagine?

After viewing the movie Star Trek I then viewed every television episode and movie of the series on the way out of the theater transacted through the Hyper-network (see right sidebar) to enhance the experience and my knowledge base on the subject.

I have concluded that the movie had glitzy special effects that were at times seemingly trying too hard similarly to a newbie shroud-kiss (see right sidebar). Indeed the effects at times seemed to distract from the movie itself almost as if they were trying to take over everything. However the technology representation was creatively embossed within the movie structure enhancing the believability for those on SOL 3. This is important for science fiction to accomplish; the science must have veracity for it to support the fiction.

Zachary Quinto (Sylar of Heroes) presented a masterful portrayal of Spock which added depth to the persona. This performance perhaps took the shine off that of Chris Pine in regards to Captain James T. Kirk. The rest of the cast was acceptable with the possible exceptions of Zoe SaldaƱa as Uhura who seemed stilted and awkward plus Eric Bana as the villain Nero who seemed to be trying just a bit too hard which led his performance to not being believable (once again see shroud-kiss on the right sidebar).

The time travel concept was delivered rather awkwardly, needing more than one voiceover to explain the situation which cannot be seen as good.

The integration of the character development seemed to be rather stunted as an overarching premise. Spock and Kirk were seemingly worked over but yet came back lacking (that being said
Zachary Quinto was very good).

Overall it would be quaint to those of us from off SOL 3 yet to those on the planet that enjoy science fiction or are
Trekkies the movie should be considered a “must see”. For those who are not from those two categories it may fall into the “I had too much Romulan ale to drink last night” category.

Taking all of this into consideration it seems unfortunate that it was decided to re-imagine the original Star Trek begging’s and to not try something new that could use the Star trek concept as a launch pad for exploration to go boldly where no Teuto-Trans-Zenith Authority Harem Member had ever gone before.